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Thank you to everyone that supported us on the 2019 9/11 Ride.

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September 13th, 2020
Bootlegger Harley-Davidson® West (Lovell Road) - Knoxville,TN
Registration begins at 8:00am
Please be in front of the Stage by 10:00am
Ceremony starts at 10:28am

It is 8AM on September 13th and the sun has just risen. Registration has begun for the 19th Anniversary 9-11 Remembrance Ride. Registration is heavy, bikes start lining up two by two. Bikers step off their rides and mingle in the surroundings of the Bootlegger Harley-Davidson®. Fire trucks and police vehicles are staggered, through out the facility; Blue Knights and their fellow emergency responders. Flying high on an aerial engine is a huge red, white and blue flag waving proudly; our flag, the American Flag, our symbol of justice and freedom. 10:28AM, the Stage is full, 400 strong. The color guard has marched front and center, the speakers dignitaries are on stage. NOT a sound, the reason we have gathered is upon us.

WE ARE REMEMBERING..... it is once again September 2001. A bell is tolling, for the first tower has fallen. Remembering then the second tower begins to fall, our friends, neighbors, fellow county men and emergency responders will have all lost their lives, by a cowardly act, before evening has cast its shadows over New York City. Not on American soil..... Not here.

YET, 19 years later, where the patriotism is rewarding to see, WE WILL NEVER FORGET. The National Anthem proudly sung and the dignitary speeches short and memorable. The Fireman's and Policeman's Prayer soul searching. The 21 Gun Salute is exciting and the retiring of the colors leaves your heart swelling. Less than 60 minutes from ceremony start you will be back on your bikes for a fantastic ride, over 400 hundred bikes strong. Lead by fire trucks and police officers. Siren blare and blue lights strobe, sending out the message "LOOK AT US, WE DO NOT FORGET" 9-11 is in our hearts, engraved forever. "LOOK AT THE NAMES AND FACES" of the emergency responders badges that died on 9-11, we all carry them. Each bike will fly the faces of those lost provided in a carry case, proudly and keep them safe and remembered through out the year, so as not to forget. So do not miss the ride of the year and show your patriotism and ride with us on September 13th and Remember 9-11. Rain or shine all are invited to join us. Donation is $20.00 per bike (includes passenger) and T-shirts can be purchased for $10.00 each. All proceeds benefit BLUE KNIGHTS COPSRUN (Concerns of Police Survivors), local Volunteer Fire Departments, Blount County Rescue Squad and Knox County Public Safety Foundation. IF you would like to sponsor this event, please see sponsor package included at this same web site. This year the ride ends at Knoxville H-D on Clinton Highway.

See you there, and..... Enjoy The Ride.

Grand Marshal

Guest Speakers

Mayor Glenn Jacobs

Chief Eve Thomas

Sheriff Tom Spangler

DA David Clark

Chief Robin Smith

UT LEIC Director
Rick Scarbrough
National AnthemBagpipes

Charlotte Snyder

Kelly Shipe
Post Ride Concert


Jim Kelly
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